CRAFT > Old Time Square Dance

I love old time square dancing. So much that I even learned to be a square dance caller. I talk to people all the time about how square dancing is so revolutionary, and how the world desperately needs more social events that involve participation and interaction. Hesitant curiosity and the rehashing of junior high memories are the most common responses to my case, but once folks make it to a dance, they are converted.

When I design flyers for the dances we throw, I use tag lines you might see on a QVC infomercial like: “Feel great! Get in shape! Find true love! Cure depression! Make friends!” In this case, the taglines are absolutely true. Dance connects people in a simple, yet essential way. The dances we create in our community fit into a larger movement focusing on sustainability, DIY, and process. They are also an expression of joy and happiness, creating balance within the larger whole.

In Asheville, I call dances at Archetype Brewery. We are taking a summer break, but dances will start up again in October 2019. Find out more info about that here on the Asheville Squaredance Society Facebook Page. Come on out!