This week for our celebration of Scandinavian heritage, Elmer Roush is teaching Viking-style Ironwork in the Blacksmith Shop. Students are focusing on reproducing 10th-century Viking relics including spearheads, axes arrowheads, and locks. Elmer is renowned for creating hand forged functional hand tools, weapons and implements from 10th Century Viking to 18th Century American styles. He often teaches historical styles at the Folk School.

Elmer has been Blacksmithing since 1970 and has been a very active instructor and community member for decades. He was the Blacksmithing Resident Artist at the Folk School for eight years up to 2002. Elmer’s Blacksmith Shop is just down the road from the Folk School and we are so blessed to have him in our local community.

Take a moment to watch this beautiful video featuring Elmer forging his birler axe. The video filmed by Ben Peterson for CRKT debuted this week:

Visit Elmer Roush’s website.