Who needs alphabetization when you can organize by color?

Leila and I had a nice Sunday in downtown Los Angeles strolling around the sideways enjoying ghost world signs, old hotels and vaudeville theaters and the endless supply of colorful crazies. Late lunch at the Nickel Diner was much more than satisfactory, but the highlight was stopping by The Last Book Store on Earth to pick up a graphic novel gift.

The bookstore is in an old bank building on Spring St. and every nook and cranny (including old vaults) are filled with all sorts of new & used books, plus whimsical and fantastic sculptural pieces created from old books. The upstairs includes an artist collective with lovely boutique studios. I highly recommend stopping by the The Last Bookstore on Earth if you find yourself in Los Angeles. And check out their nifty website for more amazing photos of their interiors.


Hints of the old bank building remain in this incredible new/old bookstore.



Arch tunnel of books